Strengthen your supply chain by optimizing your packaging management.

Quitmann O’Neill has evolved into a well-known packaging distribution and value add services company for packaging management. The flexible structure of our company enables us to offer custom-made packaging management solutions. Quitmann O’Neill act as an extension of your organization and contributes to improving processes and reducing the Actual Cost of Ownership (ACO). Operating as “part” of your company we bring about significant savings in your organisation.

What we do:

Organise your packaging management in such a way that we achieve the optimal ACO.

 How we do:

We apply and implement lean management principles, knowledge of products/materials, logistics experience and common sense.

 Why we do:

We achieve better (financial) results for our company and yours.


Supply Chain Management

A supply chain can be seen as a network of organisations working together to full fill customer orders. It is a flow of materials, information and services. Effective supply chain management and logistics will provide your organization with a competitive advantage.

With our modern vision of Packaging management we would like to play a role within your supply chain.

If we look at the most common purchasing method of packaging the most likely conclusion is that you are expected to have just enough, right now, with the least invested.

You will also be expected to provide the very expensive facilities and staff often to the benefit of your packaging manufacturers.

  • A fully equipped and furnished warehouse
  • People 'staffing and managing' that warehouse
  • Sufficient liquidity and working capital to finance that warehouse, racking, FLT, equipment, stock and logistics.

This way all your different suppliers can deliver in accordance with” their” standard delivery time and in “their” agreed quantities. Often these quantities are determined by” their” minimum production quantities and often cover your needs from a few weeks to a few months. By the time the packaging reaches the filling line it has become about 25% more expensive.
After all you have to stock it somewhere (space) and someone has to handle it (labour costs) and often does so with equipment such as forklifts (bought or leased) and place the packaging on storage racks (purchased or leased). Then it sits in your warehouse until your production need it. If you are going to use it then someone (labour costs) has to pick the items once again with a forklift from the storage racks and deliver them to your production site (internal handling and logistics).
The money invested in that stock is blocked capital and creates a loss of interest also defined as cost of capital and cannot be used for more beneficial purposes.
In short your packaging has become very expensive before you fill it and the additional costs are hidden.

In this traditional model these costs are seen as inevitable and therefore taken for granted. In the demand orientated model as we organize the packaging management for our customer’s we see the above costs as wasteful and avoidable.
With our contribution the packaging management of your supply chain will transform towards a value chain with lean management characteristics.

Our strategy creates a value chain for your organisation.

  • Reduction in lead time
  • Improving the delivery reliability
  • Increases flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Reduction in transactions
  • Reduction of integral costs

We believe that your production process should be driven by your customers and not by your suppliers requirements.

Leave it to Quitmann O’Neill your partner, we have the knowledge and infrastructure to support your organisations packaging management.